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Top Producer Follow-up Systems

Approximately 86% of all sales happen after the 5th contact. All of Brian's follow-up systems, (Pre-approval, purchase and refinance) can help you systematically follow-up with all your leads. You get the exact same letters, forms and booklets that Brian gives his Top producing loan officers.

Realtor Farming System

All paid subscribers to askbrianpeart.com gain full access to Brian's Top Producer Marketing Systems. As a cornerstone, the Realtor Farming System is intended to help you aim for up to 5-back pocket realtors in just 90-days.

Customer Referral Tools

All paid subscribers to askbrianpeart.com gain full access to Brian's Top Producer Marketing Systems. Based on Brian's customer solution marketing (CSM) concept, these customer referral tools help you grow your cash flow by solving your customer's top complaints. When done properly, you'll get a loan from every loan and your customers will love you for it!

Proven Sales Letters

All paid subscribers to askbrianpeart.com gain full access to Brian's Top Producer Marketing Systems. The proven sales letters can be mailed to prospects or your past customers and can generate some amazing returns.

Home Buyer Seminar

With all the changes in the mortgage industry, the Home Buyer Seminar is a great tool to add business.

FSBO Marketing System

The For Sale by Owner (FSBO) Marketing System is one of the most unique programs ever designed by Nexus Financial Group. This system in itself can double the amount of purchase volume currently in your pipeline. It is designed to be easy to use, while providing a targeted and systematic approach to developing repeat referral business.

CPA/Financial Planner


Monthly Conference Calls


Weekly Realtor Tips


Mortgage Meltdown



Brian, I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for you providing us with your ideas and insight. I have to tell you that because of your ideas and motivation that I am still in business today and thriving! I can\'t even begin to tell you the return I have made on my investment in your website and products. For example: I have been sending out your weekly realtor tips for a year (10 minutes once a week) and the branch manager of the biggest real estate office in my area called to meet. I ended up refinancing his investment property, prequalled his son for a purchase and his wife has sent me two purchase referals already. And he called ME!!!! Not to mention the influence he has with the 40+ agents he manages. Commercial: I went out and started hitting the banks for turndowns and on the first office I went into I got a $2.6 million referral who is gathering up his financials right now so we can work up a term sheet. All the other banks I visited were very receptive and so glad that I came in there because they are tired of telling people no. It is some of the easiet marketing I have ever done! I just wanted to say thank you and anyone who is out there wondering what to do to get more business.....they just need to do what you say! Thats it!!!!

Brandon Altemueller - 12/1/2009

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