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The First Time Home Buyer Program is simply awesome. Imagine a turnkey program, which you can download in minutes and implement next week. This program is proven to produce quality leads and helps you present a seminar that will dazzle your audience. Convert up to 70% of seminar attendees, by following-up consistently after each event!

Here's what you'll get:

The 64-Page Seminar Manual

Easily downloadable pdf file, gives you quality output that you can reproduce easily. Although this is a huge booklet for a homebuyer seminar, you'll note that the seminar itself revolves around Pages 30 and 31. These are the "12 Strategies for saving $1,000's Financing Your Home!" This is the most comprehensive and innovative homebuyer seminar on the market today. The goal was to get away from the boring 4 C's of qualifying for a mortgage, which your customers care nothing about, and talk about something we all find more interesting- saving money.

Marketing And Facilitator Tips For The Event

The seminar is meant to be a fun, yet educational and designed to steer your customers away from the vanilla 30 Year Fixed, into a more advantageous ARM product. It does its job nicely if delivered with the right amount of energy and know how.

You'll be amazed what holding one first time home buyer seminar a month can do for growing your business. This one program is worth the subscription price for the next two years. It's really a no-brainer!

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