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The FSBO program is simply awesome and is for the exclusive use of askbrianpeart.com subscribers only. Imagine having your own proprietary 23-page turnkey program, which you can download in minutes and implement next week. This program is proven to produce quality purchase leads and helps you project a professional image. What could possibly be better than showing people how to save money while selling their homes and rewarding you in the process?

Here's what you'll get:

The 23-page FSBO manual

You'll get the exact scripts Brian and Seth use to book appointments and the exact meeting scripts to close the deal. During your presentation, you will hand the customer their very own FSBO "how to manual". All these booklets and forms come in an easily downloadable PDF file or RTF format for quick customization.

Sample Marketing Flyers for your FSBO customers

Your customers can easily modify these flyers to include their listing. They will love you for it and all the help you provide to make the selling process successful.

You'll be amazed at how your business grows by simply adapting the FSBO system to your marketing arsenal. This one program could be worth the subscription price for the next two years. It's really an easy decision to make!

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