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All paid subscribers to askbrianpeart.com gain full access to all of Brian's Top Producer Marketing Systems. As the centerpiece, the Top Producer follow-up systems can explode your volume by boosting your conversion rates by as much as 300%.

How is this possible?

As you may know, the rule of 5 says, that approximately 86% of all sales happen after the 5th contact. All of Brian's follow-up systems, (Pre-approval, purchase and refinance) can help you systematically follow-up with all your leads. You get the exact same letters, forms and booklets that Brian gives his Top producing loan officers. Brian used these same systems to generate 20-30 closings a month, in two different marketplaces in the same year. If you want to build on last year's volume, you simply must have these proven systems.

Here's what you'll get:

1. The "How To Buy Your Dream Home" booklet.

This publication is given to all of your purchase leads and promotes the benefits of preapproval. You'll get the full template in a rich text format, so that you can easily tailor it for your business. Easily insert your photos, company logo and contact information and you're ready to print.

2. The purchase/gold letters.

Send these 4-letters out, one between each phone call to build rapport and trust with your prospective client. The letters are filled with helpful information and can automatically build "top of mind awareness" for you.

3. The Refinance letter.

These letters have been proven to convert up to 300% more refinance leads. Simply send them out in order and follow-up each one with a phone call to give your business big growth potential. No high pressure sales here, just consistent systematic follow-up!

In just minutes you can gain full access to askbrianpeart.com by subscribing to our premium service. Not sold yet? Register now and gain limited access.

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