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We have done our best to include every possible kind of help you might need here on this page, and we are constantly listening to our customers to add more as needed. besides this page, each feature contains it's own set of help tools and user manuals. Just look for the "Feature Summary" or "Manual" buttons on the top right of each page.

Glossary of Terms

Feature Summary: a summary description of the feature. The feature summary will give you the quickest description of each feature of the site.

Manual: an online manual that covers "how to use" the feature. Many answers & help tools can be found in the online manual.

Ask a Question: a key element of the website, the ask a question tool is the conduit through which you pose your questions to Brian and the Nexus Financila Group team. Answered questions get emailed back to the poser, then become part of the growing archive of Q&A's.

Website Tour

The tour is designed to introduce you to many features of the site. If you want to maximize your experience with this website, we strongly encourage you to take the entire tour. It takes only a short time, but it will demonstrate many features and help make your experience as positive as possible. If you haven't already done so, take the site tour now.

Website Q & A

Many questions about the functionality and many features of this website are addressed in the "Website Q & A". Think of it as a dynamic "frequently asked questions" section that is growing every day. Give it a try!


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