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Imagine being able to sit down with Brian each week, and talk about your business over a hot cup of coffee. Well, Brian's weekly sales training is the next best thing. Each week, Brian and his protege, Seth Parr, run a powerful conference call focusing on the keys to building a growing mortgage business. If you're looking for something soft, sappy feel good stuff this isn't for you. Brian speaks straight from the heart, and is more interested in personal breakthroughs and increased loan production than winning popularity contests. He brings his laser like focus, energy and passion every single week!

The Topics you'll enjoy:

  • Time management. Brian offers the ideal schedule of daily activities for mega production. This session alone will blow you away!
  • Building purchase volume through professional networking.
  • Overcoming call reluctance.
  • Breaking through your deepest fear - The fear of success!
  • How to generate massive referrals by being the expert and controlling the customer.
  • Weekly inspirational stories from successful loan officers.
  • How to convert the rate shopped and triple your conversion rates.
  • Learn about the buffet table, where no competition exists!
  • How to differentiate yourself in an ocean of competition.
  • How to price your loans for continued success.
  • Building long term loyalty and referral sources.

Brian's weekly sales training alone, is worth the entire subscription price for the next two years. Loan officers and owners alike, can utilize this powerful weekly content for growth, time savings and increased production. You owe to yourself!

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