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The Facilitators Package contains two valuable tools, for owners and managers utilizing the Top producer DVD course to train new loan officers. First the Facilitators Handbook is a step by step guide offering a road map to successful in-house training. You'll get learning objectives of each session, a day by day itinerary and much, much more. The second part in the Broker Test. This 125-question multiple choice Test is given to students just after completing the course. A score of 75% or higher tells you their ready to start writing loans.

Other benefits you'll enjoy:

  • Get exact run time of each of the 12-tape sessions.
  • Find out, commonly asked questions and stumbling blocks.
  • Save time facilitating each class.
  • Receive important house keeping notes for running in-house training.
  • For owners and managers, to gain confidence to know you're people are ready to right loans.
  • In the event of a comptroller audit, you can show a good faith effort in training and testing your people.
  • Formerly sold for $99.00, we now include it with your subscription.

Now you have two more reasons why you should subscribe, especially if you own the Top Producer Training Course.

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