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Home > Educational Tools > Feature SummaryMay 11th, 2021

Each and every day, you'll discover a new tip, article or tool to help you or your team right more loans. This section is dynamic and seeks to give loan officers everything they need to succeed. From Brian's weekly tips, to his monthly trade publication articles, you'll have private access to this information first. Moreover, you'll get a host of exclusive articles, written just to help you reach all your loan production goals.

Here are just a few benefits you'll enjoy:

  • A huge archive of past Top Producer Weekly articles. These are weekly tips written by Brian, to help loan officers, managers and owners alike, boost productivity.
  • An archive of Commercial - Top Producer Weekly. A weekly tip dedicated to the residential loan officer, teaching them how to enter to lucrative field of commercial lending.
  • An archive of national articles written by Brian and his team from the various trade publications. Mortgage Press, Broker, Mortgage Originator, and the Scotsman's Guide to name a few.
  • Top Producer Training Facilitators Manual. A great handbook that helps managers facilitate, in-house training sessions using the Top Producer Training course.
  • The Broker Test. A 125-question multiple choice test is given to brokers immediately following the Top Producer Training course. A score of 75 or higher suggests the broker is ready to start writing loans.
  • Weekly sales training tips and messages. Brian and his management team conduct a weekly conference call for the sales team. The scripts, notes and handouts are made available in this section. This can be a huge time savers for managers and a great inspiration for Loan officers each week.
  • Tips on commercial mortgages. Here's a rich archive of articles written by Brian on what it takes for a residential loan officer to transition into commercial.
  • Relevant News. Each week Brian sits down with his management team, and carefully evaluates all the recent developments and news. Specifically looking at HUD, FNMA, the interest rate trends, key economic reports and then shares his top observations.

Imagine the time savings and the extra loans you'd write each month, by having access to this wealth of information. For just $34.95 a month/ you'll get an educational experience and ongoing inspiration from one of the industries most respected leaders. This information, in your hands now, could be worth more than a college degree.

In just minutes you can gain full access to askbrianpeart.com by subscribing to our premium service. Not sold yet? Register now and gain limited access.

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