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Home > Educational Tools > Favorite Websites > Feature SummaryMay 11th, 2021

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You asked for it, we have delivered. In a survey to all paid subscribers last year, many of you asked for a way to customize the askbrianpeart.com home page, to include your favorite websites. In doing so, you could make askbrianpeart.com your home page and a portal to all your mortgage information sites. Your wish has been granted!

Other notable features:

  • Select up to 5-favorite sites.
  • Simply type in the URL in the order you like.
  • Make askbrianpeart.com your home page.
  • Gain seamless access to all your favorite mortgage sites.

This feature is only available to paid subscribers of askbrianpeart.com. While this is a simple, technology innovation, membership entitles you to hundreds of exclusive tools, educational features, marketing systems and a deep library of articles. If you're serious about building your loan production, askbrianpeart.com is just what the doctor ordered.

In just minutes you can gain full access to askbrianpeart.com by subscribing to our premium service. Not sold yet? Register now and gain limited access.

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