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Mastering Time Management

Live a full and balanced life of excellence by mastering the secrets of Time Management.

by Brian Peart

"At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is how we spend our time. That's it, nothing else matters. Spend it on the right things, relationships, etc., and look back on a fulfilling life full of success and happiness. Fritter away your time on things that don't matter and you will look back upon your life with regrets. Personally, I want to look back fulfilled and satisfied. We all have the same 24 hours-how you spend yours each day will determine the kind of life you have. With your whole life and future tied to this one thing, it behooves us then to learn about this thing called time and to master it. Master this one thing, and everything else takes care of itself.

I can teach you how to get control of your time...everything you need is in my new Time Management course. You hold in your hands possibly the most important purchase you will ever make, an investment that can pay dividends beyond your wildest imaginings. I know of no other single thing that you can master that will create a better quality of life then mastering time management. Do you?

This product is the result of a focused and intense search for time management excellence. Not only have I read hundreds of books on the subject, I have spent 3-4 hours EVERY week for 10 years focused only on planning the following week and reviewing the prior week to improve, implement and test the various time management theories that are out there and see what really works and what does not.

Over the years I have gotten it down to this: One over-arching theory that encompasses all of time management and three laws of time management. Master these four and your life will never be the same. You CAN have a full and balanced life of excellence that is not harried, crazy, or unfulfilling and YOU CAN HAVE IT SOON!

Get this Time Management course today and apply what I teach you every week and I guarantee you will improve your life dramatically. My hope is that you will take this quest as serious as it deserves and that you too, may come to that place where you can look back on a life of success and fulfillment and without regrets.

"I am using your time management system/call blocking tools and just last week, I took 13 loan applications-a record for this time of year for me. I am living and breathing by the four quadrant system-I am keeping things in the important but not urgent square as much as possible. I have made some very successful changes in my office in the last two weeks and I can't believe how much more efficiently things are running for my entire office. As the owner/broker/loan officer, I am so pleased. I sing your praises to everyone. I have given your name and website to some of my friendly competitors. Thanks for making my life better."

Lisa P. Kaiser, President
Kaiser & Associates Mortgage Services, Inc.

"I just went through your Time Management training course and I was blown away by the material. I love it! The first thing I did was to scrap my "to do" list and go into MS Outlook and time block my days. Thanks a million!"

Paul S.

**$199.00, special Subscriber price of $149.00.

$99.00 ($20.00 s/h)

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