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AskBrianPeart.com 5-User Package

Now, get your entire office fired up and free up your precious time while saving lots of money every month. We have now created a multi-user function that allows you to have host privileges and up to 5, 10 or more people under your account all with their own access to askbrianpeart.com. You control who is authorized and who is not. Talk about a way of setting yourself apart from the competition! Not only that, but think about the time you save-no more answering those annoying, "Where do I go with this?" questions-just delegate them to us. And the savings are huge! 5 people, with monthly licenses for one year would cost $2100. But on our special multi-user function, you will get 5 yearly subscriptions, one of them your host access, for ONLY $899! And you can add or delete who you want if someone leaves you or you add new people on! You have the power and the control, you save time, money and differentiate yourself from the competition by offering 24/7 support to your people! It is a great value-order your multi-user subscription today!


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