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AskBrianPeart.com Monthly Subscription

Ask Brian is a powerful new web-based service that provides brokers and managers with the ultimate information platform. You can tap into an incredible knowledge base of educational programs, marketing and sales systems, live human and automated pick a lender programs and much much more. The ability to ask questions and get answers back immediately is just one feature of this powerful new site. For example, brokers will no longer have to wait in a line at the manager's door to ask, "Where do I go with this 100% stated with x credit score?" For managers, it can save you countless hours each week, answering those questions as you get me to guide them to the best programs. For all dedicated mortgage professionals, it will allow you to pick Brian's brain on marketing and sales tactics. Perhaps the most valuable feature, is the wealth of knowledge in the huge database of archives that are easily search by keyword search phrases. You'll also appreciate the sites state of the art Navigation system, allowing just one click to all major features.

Brian and his dedicated editorial staff are committed to constant and never ending improvement. Each and every day you'll see new questions, articles and tips.


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