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Top Producer Training Course

Here's What's Included

Brian's Top Producer training is the most complete and comprehensive course on the market today. Furthermore, it offers you tremendous value compared to other courses costing as much as $5,000. But the real intrinsic value is Brian's proprietary trade secrets and systems. Imagine what this wealth of knowledge and tools will do for your business.

Brian Peart walks you step by step to building a more profitable mortgage business. Check out the amazing breadth of material it covers:


Volume 1: Mortgage Basics

This DVD is where the adventure begins. You'll discover:

  • Basic terms and definitions
  • Brian's key elements to look for when pre-qualifying borrowers
  • The Loan Product Chart telling you which to recommend
  • he Underwriting Glossary you can refer to again and again

Volume 2: Writing Self-Employed Borrowers

Self employed borrowers strike fear in the hearts of most mortgage brokers. Brian shows you how to make them simple and develop this very important, profitable area.

  • How to calculate income quickly
  • How to streamline the documents requested
  • Learn how to write the biggest most profitable loans


Volume 3: Using the Mortgage Calculator

You'll learn how to use the features of the calculator to pre-qualify people easily.

  • Learn how to quickly calculate debt ratios, payments and more
  • How to pre-qualify purchases
  • How to pre-qualify refinances
  • Sample exercises with answers

Volume 4: Pre-Qualification

The most critical first step in turning a prospect into a lead. Short cuts and tips for making this easy, fun and effective.

  • Learn tips for pre-qualifying for maximum loans
  • How to pull credit reports
  • How to analyze and read credit reports
  • How to improve credit scores
  • How interest rate pricing works
  • How we quote rates and make money.


Volume 5: Taking Great Loan Applications

All good loans and timely closings start with a solid and complete application. Ever wonder how some loan officers are able to get scores of loans closed without too much crisis, while others seem to waffle with nearly every one? It all starts with a good application.

  • Tips on taking great apps quickly
  • Walk through loan application documents
  • How to quote closing costs
  • Full explanations of all disclosures
  • What documents are critical to every loan

Volume 6: Taking Loans to Closing

Now that you've taken the loan application, where do you go from here? That's what this DVD is all about. You'll learn:

  • How to put files together and submit them
  • Ultimate secret to getting loans approved
  • How the processing flows
  • Full explanation of closing statement


Volume 7: Hot Loan Programs/Key Lenders

To give the best level of service to borrowers, you'll need point of sale discretion on rates, programs and costs. This DVD reveals:

  • Leveraging the best 5 lenders in the US
  • Key benefits of the main programs
  • How to price loans
  • How to lock in interest rates

Volume 8: FHA and Niche Lenders

Not all borrowers qualify for conventional programs and that's were FHA comes in. Giving up FHA can mean giving up the most profitable loans. Inside discover:

  • How to write FHA loans
  • No income loans
  • How to do bad credit loans and help more people
  • How to find any loan product quickly


Volume 9: The Marketing Systems

Learn the proprietary secrets and marketing systems that have now become legendary. The same systems Brian used to close 42 loans in one month. Full understanding of this DVD and its complete implementation will all but guarantee you $10,000 a month income in just 6-months.

  • Learn systems to maximize the 4 sections of every loan
  • How to effectively market to Realtors/ Builders
  • Creating multiple streams of income
  • Generating endless referrals from your leads
  • Cyclone marketing that ties it all together

Volume 10: Top Sales & Closing Techniques

If you want to make more money you must learn how to ask for more business. It's just that simple. Inside this DVD discover:

  • Tips on converting space ad calls
  • Converting the top complaints into closings
  • Sell Refi's and not get shopped to death
  • How to close that anal retentive customer


Volume 11: Overcoming Objections

Objections mean interest! You don't have a sale if you don't get an objection and on this DVD you'll learn:

  • A complete review of all objections
  • How to overcome each one with grace
  • Leading the customer with closing questions
  • The ultimate secret to massive success

Volume 12: Putting it All Together

When it is all said and done, your income depends upon the successful implementation of systems for lead creation, follow-up, conversion and referrals. To do all the systems consistently you need to manage your time wisely. Inside discover:

  • Setting goals and how time management is key in achieving them
  • The 4 Quadrant theory for time management
  • The ultimate daily agenda for mega loan officer success
  • Brian's Time Blocking technique
  • The inspiring story of Johnny and more

Top Producer Training Manual

Just follow along in this terrific 180-page Training Manual as Brian guides you through the DVD series. All the key points and main systems are clearly illustrated with graphics and tables for quick reference. The manual is chocked full of Brian's tips, trade secrets and quick reference cards to help you explode your business.

The new and improved Training Manual has been redesigned into a more compact printed booklet. We organized the material better, made it easier to read, and added a table of contents. What's more, we added icon graphics at the top of important pages or sections to show you where that material is located on your DVDs. Now you can browse the training manual and immediately cue that material up on your DVDs.

Sample Loan Applications

As you know, every profitable closing starts with taking a good loan application. Brian walks you through several applications and shows you how to do it like a seasoned pro. Just follow Brian's lead through every form and you'll master them in no time at all.

Mortgage Calculator Qualifier Plus IIx

The best mortgage calculator on the market! That's right, you'll receive this powerful tool to quickly and easily compute:

  • Principal and interest payments
  • Front end and back end ratios
  • Maximum loan amounts for pre-qualification and more
  • Loan to value percentages and much more

$499.00 ($30.00 s/h)

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