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Choose your loan scenario from the drop down lists below, click submit. Should we not find a match in the system, we have experienced professionals that will take your configuration and with tremendous experience behind them (we get hundreds of loan requests) will actually do the leg work and call around to find a home for that loan. If your question does not fit in the drop down lists then just click on the Ask A Question icon on the right and ask as detailed a question as you like. Regular use of this feature will save you hours every week and that translates into more time marketing and closing loans!

Loan Parameters

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Lien Position

Loan Term

Loan Purpose

Property State

Occupancy Type

Property Type

Loan Amount


Sales Price/Appraised Value


Declining Market?

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Primary Borrower FICO

First Time Home Buyer?

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Piggyback 2nd Loan Parameters

Piggyback Loan Amount


Piggyback Loan Term

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